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Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith  understands how crucial it is for you to keep your business secure. With our highly trained professional commercial locksmiths in charge of your enterprise security, you can rest assured of the best quality services at affordable prices.

No matter what kind of commercial locksmith service you require, Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith has efficient technicians on board who can provide it. Whether it is lost office keys or installing high security locks or safe combination resets or just a quick door unlock, there is hardly a thing outside the purview of the skills of our technicians. Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith offers 24/7 locksmith services which means you never need to feel helpless no matter what time you are stuck with a lock and key issue.

In the past ten years of our existence, we have offered our high quality services to several schools, office buildings, retail shops, apartment complexes, hospitals, government offices, restaurants and small businesses in and around Fort Lauderdale, FL. No matter what type of business you own and what its locksmith requirements are, Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith is the best choice for all your lock and key requirements.

Key Services:

Commercial lockouts  - It can be frustrating to experience a lockout during your working hours where every hour lost has an impact on your production. When faced with such stressful situations, all you need to do is call us; our technicians will arrive at your location within few minutes and let you inside. Our fast response and quick resolution of your issue will ensure that you do not have to remain stranded for long and can get back to work again in a short time.

Locks repair & change  – Repairing and updating your locks at regular intervals is key to maintaining security. We stock a wide array of the latest security systems to ensure advanced protection to your property. We also offer repair and rekeying services that ensure that your older locks keep functioning as efficiently as new ones.

Installing master key set-up  - A master key system provides access to employees to certain areas while restricting them from some other places. It is also a great way to get rid of a bulky set of keys and replace them all with one key - the master key - that opens all locks.

Some of the other commercial services that we offer:

  • Lost office keys
  • Installation of key-less locksFort Lauderdale Star Locksmith Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-744-7056
  • Digital safes
  • Digital locks
  • Safe locks & keys
  • Prompt assistance with lockouts
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Key cutting
  • Safe unlock, file cabinet unlock
  • Installation of panic bars
  • Rekey to master key system
  • Installing high-security locks
  • Security consultation

Mobile Locksmith Vans

At Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith, we are equipped with mobile locksmith vans; our technicians arrive in their own mobile units that are stocked with parts, tools and locking systems to offer the services that you need. Our lock technicians are continuously updated on the latest advancements in security solutions; this enables them to offer the best quality customer service.

If you own a business and are looking for a competent commercial locks service in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith is the best bet. Call us at 954-744-7056  to know how our services can enhance your commercial security and convenience.

Copy Key in Fort Lauderdale, FL

We all need new keys once in a while. If you own a commercial property, it may be you need a backup, because you have to share your property with employees, or just because you’ve lost your old ones. Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith is a professional locksmith in Fort Lauderdale, FL that can make new ones for your business or place of work in a short span of time at an affordable price. We have been providing our copy key  service to the local community for almost 10 years, now. We endeavor to provide customers with a quality service at affordable prices. click here to read more

Entry Doors Repair or Replace in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your doors are the main entryway to your commercial property. It’s important that you keep them in good repair if you want to keep possessions as safe as possible from external threats like thieves and vandals. If your commercial door needs to be repaired or replaced quickly, you can contact Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith. We carry out entry doors  repair or replace  in a short span of time, at an affordable price. Our locksmiths are very experienced – we have been operating in the local region for almost a decade- and we have a large inventory of new doors of different makes and brands for you to pick from. click here to read more

Keyless Entry Locks Commercial in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The locksmithing industry has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, especially in recent times. Today, new inventions like smart locking systems are allowing people to access their commercial properties with just the touch of a button. If you’re looking to set your commercial property in Fort Lauderdale, FL up with keyless entry locks, commercial  grade, then Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith is your best bet! We are a professional locksmith service that carries a large inventory of locking systems, including electronic and mechanical. If you want to new ones installed affordably, don’t think twice about contacting us. click here to read more

Commercial Locksmith 24 Hr in Fort Lauderdale, FL

It’s a difficult job keeping an entire commercial building safe from modern thieves and vandals. Most of the generic lock brands in the market pose little challenge to a thief armed with cutting-edge tools. As a business owner, it’s a good idea to get high security locks installed for your property. High security locks are extremely resistant to manipulation attempts and have keys that are impossible to duplicate. If you need expert advice on how best to secure your unique commercial property, call our commercial locksmith 24 hr  service for a free consultation. Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith can survey your property and give you a list of recommendations on how best to secure it. click here to read more

Commercial Eviction Service in Fort Lauderdale, FL

There are a large number of problematic tenants in Fort Lauderdale, FL. These tenants either refuse to pay the rent on time, damage the office space they’re renting, or behave badly. If your commercial building has such a tenant, Fort Lauderdale Star Locksmith offers a professional commercial eviction service  you can hire. Provided you have the legalities sorted, we can open the doors to your building for you and get you back inside. Our locksmiths can also rekey the locks on your premises to prevent the tenants from coming back inside again later to cause retaliation damage. click here to read more